Boredom Busters

Boredom is the root cause of many problem behaviours dog owners request help with. 

Boredom can be displayed in many ways and can often lead to further problems such as anxiety. Dogs who are bored may do any, some or all of the following; 

  • bark, whine or howl 
  • dig excessively 
  • chew inappropriate items 
  • other destructive behaviours 
  • escape their property and roam to find stimulation 

In order to help prevent boredom for our dogs we must look at animals in the wild and they spent their days.....playing, hunting and searching for food. All animals eat and in the wild a dog would spend about 80% of his/her awake time searching and catching food to survive. This provides mental and physical exercise for the dog. 

When we feed our dog in a food bowl a couple of times per day we take away a very important job for our play, hunt and search for food. 

When we look at animals living in Zoo's around the world they are often fed in ways which imitate natural behaviours they would do in the wild to feed themselves......this is called enrichment feeding. 

"The goal of enrichment feeding is to increase the amount of time it takes the animal to eats its food and in doing so encourage mental and physical activity." 

This is how we prevent many problem behaviours in our dogs. This page will give you ideas on enrichment feeding and boredom buster ideas you can use to help stimulate your dog and enrichment their life. 

Download both the Boredom Buster and Enrichment Feeding handouts to learn how easy it is to help prevent problem behaviours such as barking, digging and chewing for your dog.