About us 

Joanne has worked in the Animal Welfare (AWL & RSPCA) and Animal Management (Local Government) industries for almost 20 years. Offering pet dog training, puppy pre-school classes and behavioural advice to pet owners needing help with their pets.   She is a Behavioural Trainer and a member of the Association Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc. She has been the Head Coach/Chief Instructor of some of Australias most successful flyball clubs including the Norwest Thunderdogs and Awesome Pawsome Flyball Club Inc. Joanne is an Advisor for KONG Company Australia and along with her two KONGsultants “Crash and Tackle” her Australian Shepherds. Together they demonstrate the fabulous KONG range of pet products and provide information about how KONG products can help reduce problem behaviours such as boredom, barking and anxiety in our pet dogs.   She has a keen interest in dog behaviour and training and regularly attends educational seminars and training courses to keep up with the latest trends in animal training and behaviour modification techniques. 

​A dog sports addict and with her own family of dogs, Joanne regularly competes all over Australia in flyball racing. Over the years she and her dogs hold a number of Flyball National titles, Australian Records and World Dog Games flyball title (Sydney, 2009) When not playing with dogs Joanne is also owned and trained by her rescue Quarter Horse X “Bob” who is patiently teaching her how to ride and all things equine and the special place our equine friends have in this world.