Don't waste precious socialisation time waiting for a puppy class to start. New puppies can start in our open enrollment puppy preschool ANY week. 

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"Open Enrollment" Puppy Preschool

In the world of dog training there are many methods a trainer can choose to achieve the desired outcome. Something rings true in all of these methods and that is there are always consequences to the methods we choose and what we do with dogs and people....(we are training you as well). ​ Gold Coast Pet Butler uses only humane positive reinforcement methods to train people and dogs. We use treats, toys, games and praise to reward behaviours.  

We set you and your dog up for success to teach the behaviour we want, rather than punishing behaviours we don't want. 

We educate dog owners to help them understand their canine friends and build a mutually beneficial relationship through fun, games and training.


​​Topics Short Courses 

Our topics short courses are designed to help dog owners with common behaviours such as "come when called", "loose leash walking" and more. 

You can choose short courses on behaviours most needed at the time to suit your training goals. These courses are perfect for dogs of all ages, especially as a follow-on to puppy class. 

Our courses are designed around "real life" situations, for busy families who may not be able to commit to a longer obedience course. 


How we train